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A wedding is an official occasion where the dress code is one of the most highlighted items on the to-do list. Choosing a wedding suit may seem like a typical walk-in task, but there are many factors which should be considered for you to have a colourful occasion. Weddings suits need to be chosen by professionals who know exactly what the theme of the event is. Here are some tips which can help in determining men’s formal wear for that momentous occasion.

Men's formal wearMeasurements

Where you are buying a ready-made or custom-tailored suit, you should always consider having the right sizes taken by a professional. Wrong measurements can cost you the entire outfit and increase your costs for resizing and alter the initial design considerably. With the right measurements, it is easy for people who want to buy ready-made suits and reduce the waiting time and avoid rushing at the last minute if the suit is of the wrong size. People who are considering importing or buying suits online also need to be sure of their right size before making an order.

Wedding Theme

Having the right colour for the wedding theme is one of the fundamental factors to consider when shopping for a suit. Weddings held in the hot seasons will go well with bright coloured outfits while those held during winter do better with dark suits. There should be a slight resemblance of the brides’ dresses and grooms suits which may be made possible by using ties or shirts which have closely matching colours, as well as the decors used in the occasion. Always ensure that the wedding suit will blend well with the time of the event to avoid creating an imbalance in theme.

Size of the Suit

When choosing men’s formal wear, the wedding suits should neither be too baggy or tight. The suits should be well fitting from the top on the shoulders, to the legs to create comfort when sitting down. Avoid shirts that are too tight on the chests and arms as they feel uncomfortable. Baggy shirts also tend to crease when tucked in and should be avoided at all costs.

Bridegroom and Groomsmen

Men's formal wearIn many instances, the bridegroom may choose a suit colour or design which is similar to the groomsmen. In other occasions, however, the grooms men suits and that of the bridegroom are different in the form of design and colour. Both parties should be made aware of the kind of outfits that they need to be in to avoid to create uniformity in the wedding. For the grooms men, it is advisable that they buy or get their suits made from the same place so that they can have a uniform suit colour and design per the preference of the groom. As the groomsman, you need to ensure that your suit does not stand out from the rest by coming up with your design. The bridegroom should also ensure that all the groomsmen’s suits are as per his specification early enough before the wedding date.

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