Benefits of Choosing Wedding Dresses From A Bridal Shop

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Take The Stress Out of the Dress – Shop In Store

None of us want to think that something as lovely as buying your wedding dress can be stressful. Unfortunately, there are so many options these days it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer choice available.

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Thankfully, there are ways to take some (if not all!) of the stress out of the situation, and one of the easiest is to visit Eden Manor Bridal, one of the premier stockists of wedding dresses in Ireland.

  1. No Nasty Surprises

At this point, there aren’t many of us who haven’t had at least one online shopping disaster. Most of the time, it’s just a question of popping your return into an envelope and waiting for the refund, but is that a risk you’re prepared to take with your wedding dress? Particularly if you’re on a budget and know that you won’t be able to purchase another dress until you get your refund, this is one occasion when shopping online might not be the best choice.

  1. A Personalised Service

Here at Eden Manor Bridal, we understand that many people simply can’t make it to a shop during business hours. That’s why we’re open from 10am – 10pm, so regardless of your working hours you get to see, touch and try on your dress before you commit to buying it. We’ve fitted hundreds of wedding dresses in Ireland, and have the experience, knowledge and integrity to ensure that you are 100% confident that your dress is as unique as you are.

  1. It’s Not Just A Dress, It’s an Experience.

Nestled in the beautiful Irish countryside, Eden Manor Bridal is a tranquil, peaceful setting for you to either browse with your family, or receive a personal recommendations from one of our stylists. No endless clicking through two dimensional pictures; here, you can experience first hand how it feels to slip on your dress and make your appearance. The colour, the style, the fit – nothing is left to guesswork, and you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your big day, knowing that the dress is taken care of.

  1. A Perfect Fit

One of the biggest problems with buying online is that sizing is non-standard. We’ve all ordered our usual size, only to receive a parcel containing an outfit that looks like it was designed for someone several sizes bigger or smaller. At Eden Manor Bridal, not only will you have the reassurance that your dress is right for you, if alterations are required you can see first hand the effect that they’ll have on the cut and style. Does the waist need to be taken in? One of our stylists will be able to advise you if that can be achieved without altering the dress in a way you’re not happy with.

So, why take an gamble on the unknown? Join us here at Eden Manor for a once in a lifetime, fully personalised experience – we look forward to seeing you.

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