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Missed the wedding ceremony? A Dorset-based videographer has come up with a novel solution, using virtual reality and 360° video.

Virtual Reality Image by Hin255 (via Shutterstock).

Couldn’t make it? Virtual Reality and 360° video offers you another way of seeing the wedding. Image by Hin255 (via Shutterstock).

First the wedding, then the honeymoon, then the wedding album and the video. Well beyond the six or so months leading up to the ceremony and afterwards, the wedding video and wedding albums are tangible proof of the big day itself. Sometimes, a bog-standard wedding video on DVD format doesn’t do your special day any justice. Even with HD and 4K high definition picture quality and digital surround sound. A videographer from Dorset has turned to virtual reality and 360° video.

Luke Woods, a former soldier turned videographer from Poole, set up his own 360° video production business in Dorset. His virtual reality style videos are a useful tool for businesses and weddings. With his VR wedding videos, it focuses on the wedding ceremony from more than one viewpoint. For anyone unable to attend any part of your wedding, the atmosphere of your special day is beautifully captured. Here’s an example of his work:

Today, virtual reality is a far cry from crude polygon graphics and the clunky headsets in amusement arcades. It is almost as part of the home as your digital terrestrial, cable or satellite television system. This is thanks to Google Cardboard which has placed the technology within reach of households. With Google Cardboard, you can experience the thrills and spills of your big day with a smartphone and a special VR headset. You can also make your own as well as purchasing the official Google Cardboard headset.

Luke set up the business with his fiancée, Jennifer Lloyd-Grey, after serving for six years as a rifleman. His story is detailed on the Dorset Echo website. For more examples of his work, his own website is worth a visit.

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