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Selecting a suit that is perfect for your forthcoming wedding can sometimes be a challenge. You want a good price and style without sacrificing fit or quality.

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The following are tips when visiting our wedding suit shop to purchase your perfect suit for your celebration.

  • Colours To Suit – For different seasonal events and weddings, having suits in various styles is a must. Choosing the same suit, but in different colours can work great for variation. For instance, for a summer wedding, you should mix things up together with a patterned, herringbone, houndstooth or plaid number to vary, adding a sense of personality.
  • Think About Fabric – Heavier materials are often associated with expense and quality. Wool-blended, worsted or wool suits are high quality, and they maintain their shape for a long period. For weddings that take place in summer, a linen suit will keep you cool, and it’s highly breathable. However, if you are on a budget, polyester and cotton suits are breathable to wear plus adhere to a smart appearance.
  • Fit Matters – Fit is the key to pulling off killer suits; that means that it is essential to wear suits that complement your body shape. Here are the three main kinds of fit available:

Slim: For people who have a slim physique and generally for those with an 8” drop.

Regular: Ideal for those who fancy a style that is classic in a comfortable fit that has room for extra movement. Also, it is ideal for those with a build that is larger than average.

Tailored: It’s a more streamlined look plus a midway option that allows more movement compared to a regular fit.

  • Think Seasonal – When choosing your suit, you should consider which season the event is going to be held. If you are a guest at a wedding taking place in winter, try to find out the theme of the wedding to make sure you do not clash with the groomsmen and the other guests. On the other hand, a tweed suit gives a rustic feel and look. In spring, you can get a waistcoat, it’s a perfect plan B for temperatures that are unpredictable.
  • Accessorise Your Appearance – When you want to inject some personality into your outfit, accessories can be as significant as the suit. Hence, take time to look for the perfect additions and make sure they match your suit. A bright silk tie is excellent when you want to add a splash of colour during summer events. Cuff-links are ideal for adding a touch of elegance while a patterned tie looks great in a dark suit.

About Eden Manor Bridal

Eden Manor Bridal is a wedding suit shop located in Ireland with years of experience in the industry of wedding. Our service is unique and wholesome: we supply formal wear for men for hire, and we feature the latest trends and styles from leading manufacturers. We have the best wedding suits to perfectly compliment the theme of your wedding.

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