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Late night snack ideas for the witching hour

It’s close to midnight. The last dance is a good half hour away and, in spite of a slap-up meal, some of us need something to soak the beer up. Some may have burnt off enough food on the dance floor to warrant a late night nibble.

Customary at most wedding receptions is the late night snack. A modest sweet or savoury supper to go with the last drink of the night. With our experience of weddings at an organisational level (and as invited guests), here’s a few ideas for late night munchies.

Bacon or Sausage Butties

Late night bacon butty. Image by SGM (via Shutterstock).

A late night bacon butty: it definitely looks good after several hours dancing. Image by SGM (via Shutterstock).

Anything that features sausages or bacon is guaranteed to go down well with your guests. A bacon or sausage sandwich with a dollop of sauce is good at suppertime as well as breakfast time. Please remember to offer vegan alternatives if you have any guests on a vegan diet.

Fish Finger Butties

Fish Finger Butty. Image by Jochen Netzker (via Shutterstock).

Tasty: a fish finger butty using an artisan roll. Image by Jochen Netzker (via Shutterstock).

Best enjoyed with white bread or an artisan roll, a fish finger butty is the last word in late night munchies. Especially with a dash of tartare sauce and some thick triple fried chips. If desired, serve with a salad garnish and make sure the fish fingers are the best brand you can get on the market. Your guests will know the difference between the market leading brand and SuperValu’s economy range.

Breakfast Cereals
Cereal Bowls by OlegTroino (via Shutterstock).

Corn Flakes or Chocolate Corn Flakes? Cereal bowls image by OlegTroino (via Shutterstock).

Never underestimate the joys of Coco Pops after a few drinks!  Or, get them partying all hours if you intend to have an all-nighter at your wedding reception.  It makes a nice change from a savoury snack or three.

Eden Manor Bridal, 10 February 2017.

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