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Wedding Suits – A Buyers Guide

17th October 2017 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , ,

A wedding is an official occasion where the dress code is one of the most highlighted items on the to-do list. Choosing a wedding suit may seem like a typical walk-in task, but there are many factors which should be considered for you to have a colourful occasion. Weddings suits need to be chosen by […]

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6 Wedding Traditions You Probably Didn’t Already Know About

20th September 2017 by in category Blog, traditions tagged as , , , , ,

Have you ever wondered why we do the things that we do at wedding occasions? Most weddings include traditional things such as wedding dresses, cakes, bridesmaids, wedding rings and cakes but have you ever understood why these things are featured? As specialists when it comes to weddings in Ireland, here at Eden Manor Bridal, we [...]

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Cardboard Cutout Dog Steals Wedding

26th July 2017 by in category Blog tagged as , , ,

Why a married couple couldn’t bear to be without their dog on their wedding day Your wedding is a most special time of your life. Leading up to the nuptials, you wonder if all the invitations have been sent out. Have the clothes, venue, and church been hired? What about your dog? Who do your […]

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Why is June the Most Popular Wedding Month?

6th June 2017 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , ,

Eden Manor Bridal looks at why June, the mid point of our year, is popular with newlywed couples There is a good reason for why June is chosen for most events and weddings. In the northern hemisphere, this is when summertime kicks in. This is a time for carnivals, country shows, or seaside holidays as […]

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Virtual Reality Wedding Videos

20th March 2017 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , ,

Missed the wedding ceremony? A Dorset-based videographer has come up with a novel solution, using virtual reality and 360° video. First the wedding, then the honeymoon, then the wedding album and the video. Well beyond the six or so months leading up to the ceremony and afterwards, the wedding video and wedding albums are tangible […]

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